1956-1968 - Osborne Brothers

1956-1968 - Osborne Brothers

Bluegrass - Label: Bear Family Records, Bear Family mer

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1956-1968 - Osborne Brothers


Titel: 1956-1968, Bluegrass 1956-1968

Artist / Grupp: Osborne Brothers, Osborne Brothers (The)

Genre: Country

Releasedatum: 01/03/1995, 03/1995

Originalår: 1995

Label: Bear Family Records, Bear Family

Antal delar i set: 4

Stereo: Mixed

Studio / Live: S

Producent: Richard Weize (Reissue)

Undergenre: Bluegrass

Format: Performer

EAN: 4000127155986

Catalogue Number: BCD 15598

Additional notes

Album Notes: Bluegrass 1956-68 is a multi-disc box set that contains everything the Osborne Brothers recorded between those years. During that time they recorded for two major labels, MGM and Decca Records. All the songs the duo released on those two labels, plus alternate takes and unreleased tracks, are included on the box. With all of that material, the set is simply too large for anyone but historians and completists to enjoy. Nevertheless, there's lots of wonderful music on the collection and anyone with the patience (and the funds) to invest in the box will not be disappointed. ~ Thom Owens

Titles on disc 1

1.: Who Done It?, Who Done It

2.: Ruby (Are You Mad), Ruby Are You Mad

3.: My Aching Heart

4.: Teardrops in My Eyes

5.: Wild Mountain Honey

6.: Down in the Willow Garden

7.: Ho, Honey, Ho

8.: Della Mae

9.: She's No Angel, She's No Angel (Is This)

10.: Is This My Destiny?, My Destiny Once More

11.: Once More, Two Lonely Hearts

12.: Two Lonely Hearts, Lost Highway

13.: Lost Highway, Love Pains

14.: Love Pains, It Hurts To Know

15.: It Hurts to Know, If You Don't Somebody Else Will

16.: If You Don't, Somebody Else Will

17.: Give This Message to Your Heart, You'll Never Know

18.: You'll Never Know (How Much It Hurts), I Love You Only

19.: I Love You Only, It's Just The Idea

20.: It's Just the Idea, Lonely Lonely Me

21.: Lonely, Lonely Me

22.: Sweethearts Again, Blame Me

23.: Blame Me, There's A Woman Behind Every Man

24.: There's a Woman Behind Every Man, Fair And Tender Ladies

25.: Fair and Tender Ladies, Each Season Changes You

26.: Each Season Changes You, Black Sheep Returned To The Fold

27.: The Black Sheep Returned to the Fold, First Fall Of Snow

28.: At the First Fall of Snow, Old Hickory

29.: Old Hickory, Old Joe Clark

30.: Old Joe Clark, Big Ben

111.: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

110.: Little Willie

109.: John Hardy

108.: Maiden's Prayer

107.: Jessie James

106.: Lonesome Road Blues

105.: Model

104.: Sisters (Billie Jean And Bonnie)

103.: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

102.: When You Wind Down

101.: Rocky Top

100.: Rudy Are You Mad

99.: Gal You Got A Job To Do

98.: My Favourite Memory

97.: Roll Muddy River

96.: Walking The Floor Over You

95.: Someone Before Me

94.: Like We Said Hello

93.: Let's Say Goodbye

92.: One Kiss Away From Loneliness

91.: Kind Of Woman I Got

90.: I'm Leaving

89.: Hard Times

88.: World Of Unwanted

87.: Lonesome Feeling

86.: Sure Fire

85.: Footprints In The Snow

84.: Yesterday's Gone

83.: Making Plans

82.: One Tear

81.: Up This Hill And Down In The Pines

80.: I Know What It Mean To Be Lonesome

79.: Memories

78.: Big Spike Hammer

77.: Lonesome Day

76.: Hey Hey Bartender

75.: Cut The Cornbread

74.: I'll Be Alright Tomorrow

73.: Charlie Cotton

72.: This Heart Of Mine (Can Never Say Goodbye)

71.: Faded Love

70.: Cotton Fields

69.: Bugle On The Banjo

68.: Kentucky

67.: Salty Dog Blues

66.: Gotta Travel On

65.: Pathway Of Teardrops

64.: Me And My Old Banjo

63.: Bluegrass Express

62.: Cuckoo Bird

61.: Don't Even Look At Me

60.: Take This Hammer

59.: Sweet Thing

58.: Sourwood Mountain

57.: Are You Mad

56.: Mule Train

55.: Memories Never Die

54.: Ballad Of Jed Clampett

53.: Lovey Told Me Goodbye

52.: Bluegrass Music's Really Gone To Town

51.: White Lightning

50.: Muleskinner Blues

49.: Night Train To Memphis

48.: How's The World Treating You

47.: New Partner

46.: May You Never Be Alone

45.: Worried Man Blues

44.: Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On

43.: Banjo Boys

42.: Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo

41.: Five Days Of Heaven

40.: Poor Old Cora

39.: Lost Indian

38.: Cumberland Gap

37.: Jesse James

36.: Seeing Nellie Home

35.: Red Wing

34.: Walking Cane

33.: Banjo Boy Chrimes

32.: John Henry

31.: Billy In The Lowground

Titles on disc 2

1.: Big Ben

2.: Billy in the Low Ground

3.: John Henry Blues

4.: Banjo Boy Chimes

5.: Walking Cane

6.: Red Wing

7.: Seeing Nellie Home

8.: Jesse James

9.: Cumberland Gap

10.: Lost Indian

11.: Poor Old Cora

12.: Five Days of Heaven

13.: Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'

14.: The Banjo Boys

15.: Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On

16.: Worried Man Blues

17.: May You Never Be Alone

18.: New Partner Waltz

19.: How's the World Treating You

20.: Night Train to Memphis

21.: Mule Skinner Blues

22.: White Lightnin'

23.: Bluegrass Music's Really Gone to Town

24.: Lovey Told Me Goodbye

25.: Ballad of Jed Clampett

26.: Memories Never Die

27.: Mule Train

28.: Ruby (Are You Mad)

29.: Sourwood Mountain

30.: Sweet Thing

Titles on disc 3

1.: Take This Hammer

2.: Don't Even Look at Me

3.: The Cuckoo

4.: Bluegrass Express

5.: Me and My Old Banjo

6.: Pathway of Teardrops

7.: Gotta Travel On

8.: Salty Dog Blues

9.: Kentucky

10.: Bugle on the Banjo (Bugle Call Rag)

11.: Cotton Fields

12.: Faded Love

13.: This Heart of Mine (Can Never Say Goodbye)

14.: Charlie Cotton

15.: I'll Be Alright Tomorrow

16.: Cut the Cornbread

17.: Hey, Hey Bartender

18.: Lonesome Day

19.: Big Spike Hammer

20.: Memories

21.: I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome

22.: Up This Hill and Down

23.: In the Pines

24.: One Tear

25.: Making Plans

26.: Yesterday's Gone

27.: Footprints in the Snow

28.: Sure-Fire

Titles on disc 4

1.: Lonesome Feeling

2.: World of Unwanted

3.: Hard Times

4.: I'm Leavin'

5.: The Kind of Woman I Got

6.: One Kiss Away from Loneliness

7.: Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello

8.: Someone Before Me

9.: Walking the Floor over You

10.: Roll Muddy River

11.: My Favorite Memory

12.: Gal, You Got a Job to Do

13.: Ruby (Are You Mad)

14.: My Favorite Memory

15.: Rocky Top

16.: When You Wind Down

17.: Foggy Mountain Breakdown

18.: Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Reprise)

19.: The Sisters (Billie Jean and Bonnie)

20.: A-Model

21.: Lonesome Road Blues

22.: Jesse James

23.: Maiden's Prayer

24.: John Hardy

25.: Little Willie

26.: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane


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