#1 Record [Remastered] - Big Star

#1 Record [Remastered] - Big Star

Power Pop - Inspelning:S - 1CD(s) - Label: Universal Distribution, Concord/Universal - Distributör:Universal Music - Releasedatum:14/09/2009 - EAN:888072315730 mer

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#1 Record [Remastered] - Big Star


Titel: #1 Record [Remastered], #1 Record (Remastered)

Artist / Grupp: Big Star

Genre: Rock/Pop

Releasedatum: 14/09/2009

Originalår: 1972

Label: Universal Distribution, Concord/Universal

Undergenre: Power Pop

Antal delar i set: 1

Studio / Live: S

Stereo: STEREO

Format: Performer

EAN: 888072315730

Catalogue Number: 7231573

Additional notes

Album Notes: The problem with coming in late on an artwork lauded as "influential" is that you've probably encountered the work it influenced first, so its truly innovative qualities are lost. Thus, if you are hearing Big Star's debut album for the first time decades after its release (as, inevitably, most people must), you may be reminded of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers or R.E.M., who came after -- that is, if you don't think of the Byrds and the Beatles, circa 1965. What was remarkable about #1 Record in 1972 was that nobody except Big Star (and maybe Badfinger and the Raspberries) wanted to sound like this -- simple, light pop with sweet harmonies and jangly guitars. Since then, dozens of bands have rediscovered those pleasures. But in a way, that's an advantage because, whatever freshness is lost across the years, Big Star's craft is only confirmed. These are sturdy songs, feelingly performed, and once you get beyond the style to the content, you'll still be impressed. ~ William Ruhlmann

Album Reviews: Rolling Stone - 4.5 stars out of 5 -- "#1 RECORD is a glammy swirl of Beatlesque hooks, Topanga Canyon harmonies and Southern-boogie outbursts..."

Titles on disc 1

1.: Feel

2.: The Ballad of el Goodo

3.: In the Street

4.: Thirteen

5.: Don't Lie to Me

6.: The India Song

7.: When My Baby's Beside Me

8.: My Life Is Right

9.: Give Me Another Chance

10.: Try Again

11.: Watch the Sunrise

12.: St 110/6


Publicerad på Ciao sedan : 30-05-2011

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